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Concrete Crosswalks

Concrete crosswalks, also known as pedestrian crosswalks, are designated areas on roadways that allow pedestrians to safely cross from one side to the other. Concrete is commonly used to construct crosswalks due to its durability and ability to withstand vehicular traffic. 

1. Construction: Concrete crosswalks are typically constructed by pouring and finishing a layer of concrete on the roadway surface. The concrete is usually reinforced with steel bars or fibers to enhance its strength and prevent cracking. The crosswalk is marked with painted or thermoplastic lines to indicate its presence and guide pedestrians.

2. Pedestrian Safety Measures: In some cases, additional pedestrian safety measures may be implemented in conjunction with concrete crosswalks. These can include pedestrian-activated signals, pedestrian islands for refuge, or traffic calming measures to reduce vehicle speeds near crosswalks.

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